VOIP Management System

VoIP has come of age. It is a low cost alternative to traditional voice, specially for international calls; it offers the promise of new services that increase productivity like follow-me, integration with web, unified messaging, click-to-talk. Hence, the exponential increase in VoIP minutes, for enterprises, big and small.

With growth come growing pains, specially in VoIP network management. For VoIP to scale to billions of minutes requires comprehensive VoIP management solutions for service providers. But there are very few good solutions for managing voice – they are found wanting in accuracy and scale. intelli-net.net’s VoIP Management Solution (VMS) addresses these deficiencies.

VMS is comprehensive; it automates:

Performance Management: Determining and proactively managing voice quality is critical, more so because of the stigma associated with VoIP as being poor quality. Several vendors’ solutions determine voice quality from call history record (can be inaccurate because call history records averages of voice parameters), while others from instituting probes in dedicated equipment at POPs (can be expensive, for enterprise and service provider, as it requires equipment presence at all POPs ).

VMS addresses both the issues for H323 and SIP:

Voice quality is determined accurately. It deploys active probes in the VoIP gateways, collects the measurements from the probes, and runs it through a proprietary modification of ITU-T G.107’s E-Model to accurately estimate instantaneous voice quality.

VMS scales well. It is a centralized VoIP manager, located at the network operations center, that intelligently restricts SNMP traffic to gateways. Since it does not require deployments at POPs, it is not as expensive and ROI-friendly.

Fault Management: Troubleshooting H323 VoIP is cumbersome and tricky. It requires trained staff to understand the details of signaling and media flow as well as their interaction.

80:20 rule applies to VoIP service: 80% of the faults are due to a common 20% of the reasons. VMS detects and isolates 80% of the faults, alleviating the load on your skilled staff to focus on the 20% that is tougher to resolve.

Operating in stand-alone or collaborative mode (interfaces with existing fault management solutions), VMS has unique algorithm to isolate, correlate and pin-point the primary fault, unlike many other generic troubleshooting solutions that highlight the primary fault and others caused by it.

Capacity Management: Capacity management is critical; if overlooked; it leads to performance issues and subsequently faults. Yet very few VoIP capacity management solution exist; most of them are developed in-house by service providers.

VMS has rich portfolio of capacity management. It proactively monitors capacity utilization of trunks (IP and PSTN) and system (CPU, memory) to trend reports for growth. It suggests optimum VoIP routes and, very importantly, loss of ROI due to insufficient capacity on these routes.

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