Service management of VOIP

VoIP is not as easy to manage as other data services. VoIP is a demanding application with stringent delay and jitter requirements. Managing IT required comprehensive fault (detect, isolate root cause and fix faults end-to-end), performance (why does voice sound poor? Why is port dial delay excessive?), as well configuration and capacity management.

Let Intelli-net.net put its years of experience to help you manage VoIP. Depending on your requirements, we can do either:

  • Monitor and manage your VoIP service 24 x 7: intelli-net.net has teamed up with leading IP-Soft www.ip-soft.net to provide comprehensive management capabilities to a host of customers. At very affordable price – a fraction of what it would cost you to do in- house, we bring to bear detailed management processes, documented as white papers, to manage toll bypass VoIP, IP Telephony, their integration, and IPCC. Our tool chest includes standard off-the-shelf products like Cisco Works 2000 and patent - pending proprietary VMS.
  • Assist your IT Department in building VoIP management capabilities: We will help Jump start you IT Department by developing and training customized management solution to address your needs. The solution includes management tools, their integration, derivation of detailed management proceeded and Methods and Procedures for your operations center. We can additionally provide tier 4 troubleshooting support to your Operations Center.