About Us

Dr. Meeta Pandey, President

Meeta Pandey, co-founder of Intelli-net.net has consulted extensively on LAN management and server administration. Her clients include many prominent financial institutions in NY and several Fortune 500 companies.

Indra Dev Dwivedi, CTO

After completing graduate studies in electrical and mechanical engineering from University of Glasgow over four decades ago, Indra has worked extensively as a leader in software engineering. He has played a key role in developing the infrastructure and resources for software development in India.

Most recently, he's directing intelli-net.net's efforts in intelligent management software for advanced services, ranging from VoIP to Web Hosting.

Eric Anderson, Chief Architect

Eric is an expert in design and implementation of systems. His specialty is managed solutions for VoIP (voice-data convergence implemented via QoS Technology). He is currently leading the project for VoIP management system (VMS); VMS automates VoIP fault, performance and capacity management. He is currently leading the VMS implementation team.

Raj Dev Ph.D

Raj is subject matter expert in IP Services. His extensive experience spans from teaching graduate courses at New York University to Design an Implementation of Advance IP Services for several Global Corporations. Raj frequently advices CTO’s on Strategic Advanced Technology to add value to their business.

Munir Siddiqui

Mr. Munir Siddiqui, a graduate from University of Illinois, has been working at telecommunications companies like AT&T & Lucent Technologies for over a decade. He has also taught technology courses at various educational institutions and is an adjunct faculty at DeVry Institute.