Development Tools

RealBridge - Spreadsheet model management tool that links templates to database structures.

PowerSoft Corporation - Powersoft Corporation.

TikalSoft - PFC based class library.

Ecrane - PowerGen automates the build process for PB applications.

CoreSoft - Documentation tool, download of demo product.

Financial Dynamics - CornerStone Framework/Library based on PFC.

PowerCerv Corporation - Framework/Library & PowerBuilder applications.

Greenbrier & Russel - Development tools, PFCPlus (Free) Download.

Soft-Tek - Powerbuilder graphing product.

Idex Software - Powerbuilder Function Library.

Hepek - Powerbuilder class library.


Object & Modeling Tools

Riverton Software Corporation - Creators of HOW development tool.

Logic Works - Database design, Entity Relationship tool.

Rational Software Corporation - Modeling, programming, project management, testing.

Proforma Corporation - Model business process and requirements using objects.

Evergreen Software Tools, Inc. - EasyCase, Database Engineer, EasyER, EasyObject.

Powersoft Corporation, S-Designer - Database design tools.


Books & Magazines

WROX - Instant PowerBuilder 5.0 Objects.

SysCon Publishing - Home of PowerBuilder Developer Journal.

Amazon - Largest bookseller on the web, great place for technical books!