Strategic Consulting

Intelli-net consults on how strategic technological solutions can help grow your business profitably. We take our recommendations and help you implement it.

Our approach is to understand your business, develop strategic requirements, that align with your long term objectives, identify technology solutions to meet the requirements and provide road map to implement recommendations at reasonable cost. A business case with financial parameters provides the solid underpinnings, typical strategic implementations result in annual savings of 30-40% over several years. This approach has worked well with several of our clients, ranging from small IP-soft to giant AT&T.

The first step in our strategic consulting practice is a thorough needs assessment. Through a structured process, we define necessary deliverables that will allow us to meet client objectives. We then refine these objectives to determine a clear set of metrics by which success can be measured. These metrics keep the team focused on achieving measurable results.

We work with clients to create an organizational design that dovetails with their business processes. This structure helps them maintain and improve their technological investment, reduce time to market of Internet business initiatives, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of online strategies.