Secure Cloud Computing

Secure Cloud Computing

  • Virtualization Solution

    Virtualization Solution: We work with your business to understand techno-economic considerations, architect and design virtualization and hosting solutions accordingly. We implement a variety of virtualization solutions

    • From desktop and server virtualization,
    • To standalone hosted and programming API solutions,
    • Using accepted technologies like VMWare and XenServer

We are unique in that we guide you strategically as your environment evolves with Virtualization and implement step-by-step solutions so that the migration of your environment from existing to virtualized is not disruptive to business.

  • Private Public Hybrid clouds

Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds: We implement the popular – Private, Public and Hybrid- Clouds for your enterprise network partnering with the leading players in the industry like Amazon, AT&T and IBM. This will help you deal only with Intelli-net.net for all your cloud computing needs, while being assured of continuity of service afforded by hosted infrastructure of big corporations.

We can help you with our forte: define the strategic evolution and roadmap for your cloud. For instance to contain costs and faster Time to Value, you may want to develop your applications in public cloud, deploy it in private cloud with overflow to hybrid cloud to accommodate peak requirements. We will work with you to define the strategic vision and enable it.

  • Performance Security of your Cloud

Performance & Security of Your Cloud: A big concern for your cloud today is that will it keep your application and data secure? Should you use private cloud to ensure this? Or can a less expensive Hybrid cloud solution suffice?

Intelli-net.net has the security experts who have had years of designing enterprise security in general and cloud security in particular. They will address all the issues and point-by-point allay your concerns.

Another major concern for you is: Will my Cloud perform? Applications accessed across the WAN can be slow if not engineered correctly. We will baseline performances of your WAN, study characteristics of your applications on the WAN, classify them into COS bins and implement the solution using standard QoS tools – all using our patented technology.

  • Differentiate your Cloud for Competitive Edge

Differentiate Your Cloud for Competitive Edge: Enterprise applications are tied intricately to your business processes; one application generates output that feeds as input to another application, all in an automated manner with systems linked together.

This poses you a challenge: how to migrate an application from this intricate chain to the cloud and still ensure that the process continues to function as earlier?

This is where Intelli-net.net can help differentiate your cloud solution from others to provide you a competitive business edge. We have a very strong technology partner-IPsoft- which has years of experience migrating applications to its cloud and managing them for you.

Its IPcenter technology powers the clouds of majors like A&T and NTT, its ITILv3 services delivery often classified by Gartner as Industry’s best.

Intelli-net.net and IPsoft use their leading solution to seamlessly migrate your application to the cloud to drive down your costs. The interfaces that this application has to other, possibly home-grown applications that reside on your premise are retained as robust as ever. IPsoft iPaaS manages these interfaces for you even as the version of the cloud application changes per the dictates of the vendor. Very few, if any, offer this guarantee for your applications and processors performability. We do.