Advanced IP Technology & Services

Let Intelli-net help your business with IP Technology and Services

Advanced IP technology reduces your network cost. The technology avoids costly network infrastructure upgrades like newer router platforms and higher access bandwidth.

Quality of Service (QoS) solves the data performance problem by intelligently allocating bandwidth to applications, instead of brute force costly network upgrade. For example, we have designed voice data converged WAN, where QoS ensures that both, VoIP and Data, meet their service requirements, over existing network.

Similarly, IP network security, web cache acceleration are some of our other expertise to add value to your business. Advanced IP technology is, however complex to provision and expensive to maintain. You need experts help to design, implement and train the IT department to maintain the service.

Intelli-net.net has the experience. Our customer’s 7Eleven, Mead Westvaco First National Bank and McKesson are saving considerably as they maintain the advanced technology solution we have implemented.

Utilizing advanced IP technology IP technology, we have implemented advanced IP services like VoIP and Video-over-IP in converged networks.

Let Intelli-net.net prove that we can help your business with advanced IP technology and services.