SLA Management

Service level agreement (SLA) with your service provider is a must for voice-data converged network. Without strict SLAs VoIP quality cannot be ensured, especially for international calls.

SLA design and management are open issues. WAN providers offer SLAs today, typically:

  • 60 ms latency anywhere in continental U.S
  • 90-120 ms internationally guaranteed throughput upto committed information rate (CIR) with no packet loss.
  • 99.999% service availability. IT raises several questions: Does this SLA suffice for VoIP? How much CIR is needed for different codecs with various header compression techniques? What about jitter- the single biggest factor to destroy voice? How do we monitor SLA conformance? What SLAs do I need for non-real time traffic? Does SLA increase my WAN cost without significant value add? These issues get more complicated as enterprise networks migrate to Mpls-based IP-VPNs.

We have worked with several customers through definition, RFP response evaluation and Implementation and monitoring of SLAs. We can work with you to:

  • Define SLAs that best meet your requirement.
  • Setup infrastructure ( tools and processes to integrate them) to help you monitor your WAN’s conformance.