Converged Networks

Converged networking is a cost-effective alternative to traditional voice and data services, enabling customers to make the best use of existing networking resources by integrating voice, video and data traffic.

Moving to a single pipe allows significant, Cost savings on existing data networks:

  • Support for sophisticated, highly integrated applications, such as advanced call center applications and other customer care services
  • Greater network flexibility and functionality
  • Enhanced connectivity and collaboration and increased employee productivity

Converged networks, combining voice, data, and video, are increasingly in demand. Intelli-net.net excels at the critical combination of skill-sets needed to properly implement and maintain them.

Intelli-net.net staff knows that a successful converged network:

  • Provides mission critical support
  • Provides native multimedia support
  • Supports legacy protocols, including voice, video, and data
  • Leverages broadband access and backbone networks, for Voice over ATM, Voice over IP and Voice over Frame
  • Provides support infrastructure for converged applications

Intelli-net.net's converged network services includes "legacy" networking using:

  • Unified messaging
  • Softphone applications
  • Directory services