VOIP Telephony

One of the fastest growing areas of our business is next generation IP Telephony Solutions. Corporations are eager to use the same network wiring to connect their data and voice networks, creating communications between them while reducing costs.

By converging data, voice and video onto a single IP network, companies are able to take advantage of IP-based business applications for:

  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Customer flexibility and control
  • Standards-based, distributed, open architecture
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Reduced network and operational cost

Intelli-net.net's engineering and project management teams are experts in the four technological disciplines needed to successfully deploy an IP telephony infrastructure:

  • Voice
  • Networking
  • Systems
  • Network Management

Intelli-net.net can help you migrate your PBX and voice network to run on a standards-based, distributed, IP-network. We have successfully engineered and implemented multi-service networks using Cisco's AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) and Avaya’s Multivantage technology. Moreover, our engineers have solid telecommunications experience with Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Central Office (CO) systems.

Intelli-net.net's approach ensures that IP Telephony systems are rolled out seamlessly, including:

  • Private and public dial plans
  • End user phone training