VoIP, IP Telephony and IP Call / Contact Center

VoIP is now mainstream, it accrues considerable savings for toll bypass to international locations. IP Telephony (IPT) not only saves by avoiding costly move-add-change of phones, but also boosts productivity significantly with features like Unified messaging, find me/follow me and integration with other IP services. This is clearly evident in IP contact center with push-to-talk and push-through of web pages for e-commerce.

But before you decide VoIP, key issues must be addressed:
Does it make financial sense to deploy VoIP? Depending on the vendor, VoIP hardware can be expensive. We will construct your business case with ROI financials for enterprise VoIP. This will identify where it makes sense to deploy VoIP.

Is your enterprise network ready for VoIP? VoIP requires ear-to-mouth delay< 250ms, jitter<50ms and packet loss >.5%. Can international sites meet these requirements? Our Proprietary tool VMS does VoIP readiness assessment, before you invest in expensive VoIP hardware, software and services.

The early pioneers of VoIP ran into two challenges: interfacing with legacy voice equipment and ensuring good voice quality. Intellinet has patent-pending mechanisms to resolve these for several satisfied customers, we have interface VoIP gateways with analog and digital trunks to legacy equipment: our scalable QoS expertise has ensured voice experience is toll grade (post dial delay is comparative, voice sounds as good as PSTN) while data performs adequately- on access circuits as low as 56kbps.

Other companies have the experience to deploy your IPT sited, but intelli-net.net is one of the few to tie your IPT sites across the WAN for on-net plus off-net in a way that scales (without intelligent dial plan) and is easy to manage and maintain ( with voice quality monitoring tools.)

Our customers demanded that they relocate call centers overseas. We responded with international VoIP toll bypass that scales to millions of minutes of hold time: the customers are delighted with their savings. Yet others are equally delighted with our IP contact center implementation that has boosted their sales productivity.