Our Clients Say
The Intelli-net.net team demonstrated excellent Technical skills and good understanding of the Business Processes to implement complex, time sensitive projects. Intelli-net.net team was extremely flexible and willing to go the extra mile to meet our project needs.

Global Solution Architect
A Leading Global FMCG Company
We are into a three year relationship with Intelli-net.net which is getting stronger as we work more closely with their teams. Intelli-net.net team is seen as an extended team of our people who are keen to ensure that we all succeed in delivering our vision.

Vice President
Commercial Sales Initiatives
Intelli-net.net provided valuable assistance with our Technology needs. Throughout the engagement, Intelli-net.net has demonstrated Commitment, Technical Expertise and Flexibility in both Scale and Schedule. Intelli-net.net’s Project Management Capabilities and focus on Quality contributed a great deal to the success of the project. The implementations have been nearly flawless.

Group IS Director
Group Information Services
The success of our effort is due to the commitment of Intelli-net.net team...An excellent example of cross-functional collaboration and effective Project Management continues to look very good.

General Manager
Customer Service One of the Largest Investor Owned Utility Companies
Intelli-net.net has provided us with Strategic Technology Expertise and assists us in meeting complex set of challenges in our new product offerings. We have been most impressed with the quality, ownership and response displayed by Intelli-net.net folks. Their teamwork, positive attitude and hard work have been major factors in the successful execution of our projects.

Senior Vice President
Over the past 7 years, Intelli-net.net has been an integral part of our Globalization Strategy. Their intense focus on providing flexible services, and building strong relationship is critical to our ability to deliver consistent, value-added services to our customers.

Intelli-net.net, is more than a strong team of Talented Technical Resources. Intelli-net.net is a partner that understands our business, and is willing to share the risks to ensure that the projects they are involved with succeed. The strength of the relationship is a key reason for the achievements we've shared, and gives us confidence to turn to them on a continued basis for our most critical project needs.

Through 2007 - 2008, Intelli-net.net team was responsible for more than 8 projects. Many of these had aggressive schedules and their team performed consistently. This is largely due to the leadership and proactively recognizing challenges and mitigating them . The success of these efforts gave us the confidence to entrust Intelli-net.net with larger projects.

Intelli-net's flexibility, expert domain knowledge, and shared vision of an integrated IT and BPO paradigm enabled us to build a scalable platform to meet our current needs and take advantage of future opportunities.

As our Information Technology outsourcing partner Intelli-net.net has always provided the resources, knowledge and expertise, so we do not have the worry of keeping up with the latest Technology trends, maintaining staff and keeping training up to date.

I am encouraged by the high level of intellectual capability of Intelli-net's staff and their mastery of various technologies, without which our projects would not have reached fruition.

VP Engineering
Commercial Banking
We have a long-standing, successful working relationship with Intelli-net.net. We chose to work with Intelli-net.net because we had the confidence that they will deliver. Intelli-net.net is flexible in its approach, but the number-one reason why we chose to work with Intelli-net.net is that we know we can rely on the team to support us and our customers. We look to Intelli-net.net for their unbiased strategic input. Intelli-net.net has the skill, knowledge, and experience that we were looking for to deliver Solutions. We chose Intelli-net.net because of their commitment to our partnership and proven technical expertise. Intelli-net.net has been a reliable partner to us, providing us quality services over the years. Their world-class talent, Strategic vision, capabilities and deep understanding of our core business, have contributed immensely to our success. We value our relationship and look forward to growing together. Intelli-net.net has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and service orientation to enable us meet the strategic goals for some of our largest IT initiatives. Their sheer commitment, execution excellence and ability to work with us to envision our overall program, has made a tremendous difference.


Intelli-net.net is our strategic partner & has been helping us for years. We are confident in their breadth of expertise and desire to win our business.

Director Communications
Manufacturing Vertical